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Rescue Diver Specialty Course

Ready to dive in? Immerse yourself in the world of coral restoration at one of our partner locations within the Reef Rescue Network today! We offer coral nursery and diving experiences in The Bahamas, Aruba & St. Lucia.

Many of our partner dive shops offer a PADI Reef Rescue Diver Specialty Course, allowing you to get certified in coral restoration practices and take your citizen science skills to the next level! To participate, you must be a PADI open water diver and at least 12 years old. The course takes one day and consists of knowledge development and two open water dives at a coral nursery. By the time you finish, you’ll have the skills, knowledge and techniques to maintain coral nurseries and volunteer to outplant corals onto degraded reefs. Our interactive map will show you where you can take the PADI Reef Rescue Diver Specialty Course, as well as other coral nursery experiences. Please note, private coral nurseries are shown however these are solely for research and not accessible to the public.

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Donate: Plant a Coral

The Reef Rescue Network is situated on the frontlines of the Caribbean coral crisis. No matter where you live in the world, we invite you to become the change you wish to see in the world one coral at a time. Become a one-time or monthly donor to help us plant corals onto degraded coral reefs across the region.

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