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The Reef Rescue Network (RRN) is a Bahamas-based, Caribbean-wide alliance fighting back against climate change and coral disease by planting new corals guided by world-class scientific methods.  Today, the network is growing more than 7,000 corals within our nurseries and in less than three years (2017-2020) we planted over 4,000 corals to rebuild local reefs and fish habitat.

In 2021, however, we were forced to stop planting corals in The Bahamas because the Government ceased issuing scientific permits.  If not approved right away, the Network stands to lose over $1 million USD in direct foreign investment.  These funds are meant to expand the network in The Bahamas and create a larger dive tourism market.  Please join us in encouraging the Government to let us get back to work right away in 2022!  

Our Plea to All Bahamians:  Show your support for the Reef Rescue Network’s scientific permit directly to your own Member of Parliament by filling out the form below.  A draft of the letter below will be sent to you with more information on how you can take immediate action.


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